Friday, April 2, 2010

Holding out a piece of my heart...

Easter break is here!!! Oh god, oh god.

I've been waiting for Easter to come so that I can start givin' some more lovin' to my craftin'.

First up! The absolutely gorgeous Millefoglie yarn that I bought from Spotlight last year during their sale. I only got one ball because the other few balls left were in a pathetic mess from all the rummaging. Geez, I really can't stop admiring it at all. 
This yarn is made up of different yarns of various texture and material. I added little pearls with an orange/pink undertone to the section of plain red yarn. I think it really gave it some extra special quality to it. What do you think?
As I was winding and unwinding the ball of yarn while spacing out the little pearls, I realised that the ball of yarn became a little heart-shaped ball! Ah, perhaps this is the sign of a good start? (n_n)
Hopefully I will be able to get some 7mm knitting needles from Vinnies tomorrow and start casting on soon. I've been wanting to cast this yarn on for so long!

(When I enter 'Millefoglie' into Google, pictures of some tasty sweet pastry comes up. I've never tried it before but now I'd like to!)

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